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What is a wizard?

A wizard helps the user check the operation of a Spotter. The wizard checks the basic settings together with the GPS and GPRS range.

To start the installation wizard

  • Create an account here if you haven’t created one yet.
  • Log in to the account.
  • A screen appears asking you to enter the Spotter code. Go to “Add Spotter” in the menu.
  • Here you must enter the 12-letter Spotter code that is on the card in the packaging.
  • Choose what you are going to use the Spotter for (choose an image).
  • Enter the name of the Spotter (for example Alice).
  • Choose a color that you will see later on the map.
  • Do you also want to add a photo?
  • Finally, choose how many months of credit you want to put on the Spotter.

The Spotter is now being tested and you will see the following on the screen:

  • Make sure the Spotter is fully charged.
  • Go outside for optimal coverage.
  • Turn on the Spotter.
  • Wait for the Spotter’s first location.

All functions have now been checked. If this has been successfully completed, you can close the wizard. You can now start using the Spotter.

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