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Ranging from localising items to having a telephone conversation, the Spotter GPS tracker offers you many carefully selected options. Please find below an overview of the standard functionalities that are included. This means that these functionalities are all-in during use.

Every 60 seconds a location

You do not need to retrieve any locations, as this is done for you. Spotter is equipped with a motion detector, meaning a location is sent to your online account at 60-second intervals whilst moving and at 30-minute intervals when stationary. All locations can be reviewed for a period of 24 hours.

SOS alarm in emergencies

In the event of an emergency, press and hold the SOS button for 3 second at the front of the Spotter. This will cause the instant transmission of an alert to the linked user stating current location and Spotter name. This means that if you hand the Spotter to your child, you will be instantly notified when he/she is uncomfortable and seeks contact.

Start a telephone conversation

If you want to be in contact with the person carrying the Spotter, you can. For example, if someone needs assistance and has pressed the SOS button, you can use the app to call the Spotter. It will ring and the Spotter   will connect  without assistance of the carrier. This is also handy if your child does not have a mobile telephone yet and you want to be able to make contact.

Set a safety zone

You can determine an area within which the Spotter must remain. The moment the spotter moves outside this zone, you will receive an instant alert. By way of illustration: you set a zone in your residential neighbourhood. The moment the Spotter leaves the neighbourhood, you will be notified immediately.

Messages & Alerts

All messages and alerts, such as an SOS alert or an alert when leaving the safety zone, are sent to:

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