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GPS Tracker for your boat?

Secure your boat with the GPS tracker by Spotter

The Spotter GPS tracker keeps an eye out when you are not there. You simply place the Spotter in the boat and can check its current location via your online account and Smartphone app. The Spotter works throughout Europe, at no extra charge. From now on you can leave your boat with peace of mind!


Function Spotter

Spotter GPS Tracker

This is how the Spotter GPS Tracker works

The Spotter is a mobile GPS tracker that can be placed at any random location in the boat. The Spotter determines the actual location of the boat by means of the Global Positioning System (GPS). The technology uses the highest GPS class, thereby making sure that locations are extremely accurate. Subsequently, these locations are sent to your online account, where you can view the data. When travelling, you can view the locations via the FREE Spotter Smartphone app.

Note: the Spotter will last a maximum of 7 days during normal use, after that period the battery runs out and needs to be charged. If you wish the secure the boat for longer periods, we recommend connecting the Spotter to an external battery. Click here for  Spotter technical product information.

Online account Spotter


  • Automatic locations of your boat
    The Spotter GPS tracker automatically transmits its location at 60-second intervals when moving and, if stationary, at 30-minute intervals. You do not need to do anything as the locations are automatically shown in your account.
  • Setting a safety zone
    You can set multiple zones for the Spotter. For example, create a zone around the harbour of the boat of one kilometre. The moment the boat leaves the zone you will be notified immediately.
  • Telephone communication
    You can call the Spotter and establish a telephone connection.
  • Receiving SOS messages
    If someone on the boat needs emergency assistance, this person can press the SOS button on the Spotter and you are notified immediately.


Advantages of the Spotter GPS tracker

  • Prepaid
  • No subscriptions or permanent contracts
  • Compact format (61 x 44 x 16 mm)
  • Lightweight (35 grams)
  • Highly user-friendly software
  • Works throughout Europe at no extra charge
  • Unique design


No use = No charge

The Spotter is a high-quality, affordable GPS tracker that works on a Prepaid basis. You will not be tied down by contracts or subscription costs, you simply top up the Spotter when you need it.

Click here for  further information on prepaid use.
Click here for Spotter product information.

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