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About Spotter

Who are we?

We are a Dutch company that specialises in GPS track & trace solutions for the consumer market. Our products are assembled with the utmost care and developed in-house by a professional team of developers. The founders of Spotter have a proven track-record in the GPS and telecom industry in which track & trace solutions are applied within the business sector. Spotter was formed using this experiences and knowledge…

What do we do?

We give peace of mind…
Knowing where the children are when playing outside is a growing need among parents. Imagine you are on holiday and your child is on an adventure trip, it is good to see that he or she does not wander off. And you can call the Spotter to ask what the problem is. It is that peace of mind that we want to give the parents, as well as the children.

In addition to people, we also bring peace of mind where it concerns goods. Is the car still parked in its place? Is the boat still moored in the harbour? The Spotter will tell you…

Who are we doing this for?

We would of course love to introduce the Spotter to everyone so people can experience the advantages for themselves.
Our primary target audiences are:

Our philosophy

We believe that a sense of security is a basic value every man, woman and child should have. Hence, we want our products to be accessible to all, which is only possible if it is affordable. Therefore, our products are cheap to buy and use, without compromising on quality. In addition, we only work with strong and professional partners.

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