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Prepaid use, no subscription

You are not tied down by contracts or subscription costs. The Spotter GPS tracker works on a prepaid basis. This means that you simply top up the Spotter when you need it. If you do not use the Spotter, you do not need to top it up, making it Affordable and Flexible.

Use it when you need it

After you have activated Spotter for the first time, you will be able to use all functionalities for one month, free of charge. Following expiry of this period, you can top up the Spotter with 3, 6 or 12 months of service. There is no need to do that immediately after the first month has expired. For example, you can opt not to use the Spotter for 3 months and top it up for one month thereafter.


Topping up

The Spotter can be easily topped up online. You can choose from:

Number of months Price
3 months  credit € 17.95 incl. VAT
6 months credit € 34.95 incl. VAT
 12 months  credit  €  59.00 incl. VAT


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