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Security & Privacy

It is very important to us to protect the privacy of our customers when using the Spotter, the application and the portal.  The Spotter is a safe and reliable GPS Tracker with CE marking, which means that this product meets the safety requirements imposed by all European Directives. The highest standard of data security is also used for secure data processing.  User privacy is fully guaranteed.

In the Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy you can read exactly what we register, what happens to the data and who has access to this data.

Spotter data

All data is sent through an encrypted VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) to the servers of Spotter BV. These servers are hosted at a high-quality data centre that operate under ISO9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. This means that all data is strictly protected and not accessible to third parties.

All data remains under the control of Spotter BV and is not made available for commercial purposes. Location data is also not linked to the personal data of the wearer or to the data of the account manager.

With this information about data protection we want to make it clear how much we are committed to safety and reliability and that we want to guarantee the privacy of our users.

Spotter data - safe and secure

Privacy statement

We attach great importance to the protection of data and you must be able to rely on that. Your privacy is our top priority. You can read in our privacy statement how we deal with data protection.

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Spotter - privacy statement

Basic policy principles related to privacy

We conduct a policy that is aimed at meeting the requirements of our customers, based on standards and relevant laws and regulations. You read more about this in our privacy policy.

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Forget me form

Under GDPR legislation, everyone has the right to be forgotten by Spotter. By means of the form below you can indicate that we have to remove your data from our systems.

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Processing agreement

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