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Features Spotter GPS Watch

Are you curious about the functions of the Spotter GPS Watch? We will explain them below. A complete overview can be found in the manual.

View location

The Spotter GPS Watch sends a location every 2 minutes during movement. When the Spotter GPS Watch is not moving, the location is sent every 5 hours. The Spotter GPS Watch is equipped with a motion sensor that recognizes the difference between motion and standstill. By going to the map in the online account, the location of the Spotter GPS Watch can be viewed. All locations will be available for 24 hours, after which the data will be deleted.

Should you choose to view locations more often than every 2 minutes, you can request the locations manually. By going to the map, you can click on the icon that indicates where the Spotter GPS Watch is currently located and select the option ‘request location’. You will now receive the current location of the Spotter GPS Watch every 20 seconds for 3 minutes. If you select the Spotter on the map in the home menu, select ‘More’ in the menu and then ‘Request location’. This is covered by the prepaid credit, so no additional costs will be incurred. 

Set zones

With Spotter GPS Watch you can easily set a zone. Think, for example, of your home address, care institution, school, work or homes of family members. If the Spotter enters or leaves the zone, you will immediately receive a notification via the app as a push notification. It is possible to set 5 different zones.

To set up a zone:

  • Log in via the app or via the website
  • When you are logged in, click on the 3 dashes at the top left, then go to ‘zone’.
  • At the ‘plus sign’ you can create a new zone.
  • You can now choose an icon such as the house for the ‘home location’.
  • You can then drag this icon to the location or you will find a bar at the top where you can enter the address of the desired zone.
  • You can then indicate how large you want this zone to be, this works in a circle.

The zone is now activated and if the Spotter leaves or re-enters this circle, you will receive a notification. You can change or delete it by clicking on the zone and choosing ‘edit’ or ‘delete’.

SOS alert

Press and hold the SOS button on the right side of the Spotter GPS Watch for 3 seconds and the text ‘SOS Sent’ will appear on the watch. The linked user will receive an SOS notification with the name of the Spotter and the location by e-mail and as a push message on their smartphone. In the app you can see the location of where the SOS button was pressed and you can then call the Spotter to ask what is going on.

Ring me

This function allows you to emit a sound from a distance. You can do this via the ‘Make sound’ option in the app. Click on the icon that indicates the current location of the Spotter GPS watch, select ‘More’ and click on ‘Make sound’. The Spotter GPS Watch will now emit a sound for 1 minute.

Set alarm

Set 3 different alarm times on the Spotter GPS Watch. For example, do you have to take prescription medicine at a certain time or does your child have to be home in time for dinner? Set an alarm to go off once or set alarms to go off on specific days of the week. The alarm can be turned off manually by touching the display of the Spotter GPS Watch. The alarm will stop automatically after 30 seconds.

Note: Even if the Spotter GPS Watch is switched off, the alarm will sound if the battery is charged.


With the pedometer you can keep track of how many steps have been taken. The number of steps is reset daily, so that you get an overview of the number of steps taken per day. Go to the home screen and click on the Spotter on the map, select “More” and click on “Pedometer”. Then click on the slider for the pedometer. If it turns blue, the pedometer is activated. The number of steps can be seen both via the app and via the Spotter GPS Watch itself.


You can also call the Spotter GPS Watch, for example in the event that a person is in need of assistance and you would like to be contacted. You log in to the Spotter app and click on the Spotter GPS Watch icon on the map. Then a menu will open and select “Call”. The Spotter is now ringing. The phone call can be accepted by clicking on the silver icon below the display of the Spotter GPS Watch. The phone call can be ended by clicking on the red phone icon in the display of the Spotter GPS Watch.

Note: When you call the Spotter GPS Watch from your own smartphone, this does not include the prepaid credit. You will call a European mobile number, therefore the calling costs of your telephone provider will apply.

The Spotter GPS Watch is equipped with a built-in roaming SIM card, which ensures that the Spotter GPS Watch works throughout Europe on all available mobile networks at no extra cost. Even within the Netherlands, Spotter GPS Watch works on all available mobile networks. The reason for this is that Spotter GPS Watch does not want to be dependent on the network coverage of a single mobile provider in a country (or region), but that Spotter GPS Watch always chooses the best available mobile network regardless of the mobile provider. It is also possible to call the Spotter via Skype, which is cheaper.

Tip: After you have called the Spotter GPS Watch, you can save the number so that you can also call the Spotter GPS Watch directly without using the app.

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